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A new site...it can only mean one thing....a new cd....


The new cd "the moon loses its memory" will be available soon.....HURRAH

Purchase an advanced copy of The Moon Loses its Memory here

The cd contains 14 tracks and features Cormac O Connor (on bass, drums, keyboard and telecaster), Colum Pettit (on violin), Aoife Regan (on vocals) and meself on vocals and a bunch of Godin guitars. The packaged cd is also a colloboration with the amazing photographer William Crowley. The digipak version of the cd contains a 16 page booklet featuring 14 of his photogrpahs that he chose specifically to suit the song. It is a beautiful colloboration of art and music.

The cd will be released sometime in June or July but before that I am making 100 copies (a combined total that will include physical copies or downloads) available. A pre-release special for the first 100 that want. You can purchase now...and you will be sent either the physcial copy (or the download code whichever you choose) within 48 hours. You wont have to wait!!

For A New Season for Love I used fundit to finance the cd production and promotion. And I was very grateful for all the support. This time I didn't want people to wait for it and wanted to offer it to people as soon as it was available....so I decided to plough ahead and offer (100) people advance copies. You can purchase your advance copy (download or physical digipak) here:

Purchase an advanced copy of The Moon Loses its Memory

Welcome to the new site. Here you can watch some videos, listen to some tunes, purchase cds, look at some pics, keep up to date with news and connect with me on various sites.

There is a new page on the site which will have all info related to the new cd . It is under the info section and called "Moon's Memory"

And you can read all the lovely reviews about the last cd in the "New Season" section

August 2013 update

I am delighted to be an offical endorsee of Godin guitars and delighted with the release of the last single from A New season for love last month and all the nice things that were said about it and the plays it got..and had an amazing experience being part of 3 shows at the Opera House as part of 100% Cork.

April 2013 update

Well...I have a new series of Black and white videos. They are featured above. I had some wonderful gigs in Bradleys and Coughlans. And I will be playing Indie Week Ireland in April as well.


You can listen to the a new season for love cd here and you can read all the lovely reviews on the A New Season for love page


2012 was been a great year. Highlights of the 2012 include the release of "A New Season for love", receiving a multitude of super lovely reviews (which can be viewed here... the "A New Season for Love" page) ; Appearing on RTE's Arena show, the countless gigs..special mentions for the launch gig in the crane lane, the numerous fireside sessions appearances in the Bradleys, my gigs in both the City library and Douglas library, the various festivals including the Folk Festival, Winterfest, the Noise Weekender ;All the spins on various radiostations including RTE 1, BBC 6, BBC Ulster, 96 fm, BCR, SPIN, Dublin FM ;The interviews both radio and print especially the Las Angelas Beat and RTE ; Releasing 3 singles and having the third one "Remember When we didnt kiss" reach number one in the itunes charts for Ireland. The support of all the youtube subscribers, facebook likers and twitter followers. And countless other magicy music things.

"Beautiful beyond words" - Mutant Space
"Feels as if you’re wrapped up in your warmest coat glimpsing some vast and beautiful landscape through the condensation laden windows" - Tom Robinson (BBC) 's Fresh on the net site
"Leaves you feeling that all can be right with the world" - Fatea Magazine
"There is true magic here" - Folk Words
"like a rich mahogany, warm and beautiful..layered and lush...a comforting feeling" - Secret Agent Mel"
"Intimate vocals, poetic and evocative lyrics and exquisitely crafted melodies-all beautifully framed within his flawless acoustic guitar work" - The Las Angelas Beat
"Songs which speak to the subconscious and have a comfortable place in the psyche" - Drop-d
"I challenge you not to be charmed...A new season for love is an accomplished album which wears its sombre mood lightly, with pleasing pop colours." - We are noise
"A perfect album. Sublime songs. Beautiful moments" Acoustic Review
"Counting the Raindrops’, the 10th song is, in my opinion, the best song on the album and indeed one of the best songs to come out of Ireland over the last 10 years. This is to me the perfect song and ranks along the best of them even alongside Galileo and some of Cohen’s evergreens." - Musicians Together
"His voice is a wonderfully expressive instrument..the result is a cohesive and excellent album" - Leonard's Lair
"The album is a treasure trove of song. A class act. A class record" -MRU
“mature and intelligent and the albums natural feel gives it a worthy intimacy” - Hot Press
"a sweet melody of delicately written songs that soothe the soul" - Celebrity Cafe
"Perfection lies within its quietude" - Scully Love Promo
"His voice is so soft and tender. His music is really going to calm you down. Highly recommended" - Entertainment Divaz
"a lulling voice in the realm of Nick Drake, with lyrics that whisper of love and lost things and friendship, quiet poetry, weaving through a gentle Jazz vibe. .. an album full of delights, perfect for those mellower moments of dreaming." - Dungarvan Observer
"perfect as a soundtrack to a lazy Summer day. Impressive stuff!" - To U I Bestow
"The craft at work here is of a rare quality" - File Under Good Music
"I think you will be impressed" - Cork Independent
"O’Caoimh’s voice is flawless delivering songs of undoubted maturity" - Claire Kane
"seeps into your heart rendering you speechless with emotions" - Celtic Music Fan
"A haven for acoustic folk goodness. Lyrically sophisticated. Perfect chillout music" - Show me something different